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Employee Development is a Number One Priority

Employee Development is a Number One Priority

When we mention employee education, we don’t mean just a company library, a few hours of English and tickets to conferences. For a company of our size, we have a quite sophisticated education system. And we are so proud of it. We believe that, thanks to this, 15% of MultiSport Cardholders have advanced in their careers since 2022.

How Does the Competency Model Work?

MultiSport Talent Program

The second pillar is our Talent Program – the highest goal of the education program and motivation for many employees, which is not only for enthusiastic career beginners. Every employee can apply to this program once a year after their probationary period. “Employee proactivity is just the beginning. Anyone who wants to join the talent program must prepare a strategic presentation in which they present specific goals they want to achieve in their development beyond the scope of their position. We discuss what they will bring to both them and the company.” Outlines Miroslav Rech, CEO of the company.

After the implementation team of the talent program listens to all the presentations, they decide who got into the program for the given year. The significant advantage is that a person in the talent program has an exceptional budget. By not automatically admitting everyone into the talent program, we increase certain exclusivity and in fact, the impact of this program. “Naturally, participants in the program share their know-how with colleagues and serve as an inspiration for them to step up next time,” adds Rech.

At this moment, 13% of the company’s employees are in the talent program, and as mentioned at the beginning of the text, we believe that thanks to this, the company will continue in the right direction. Perhaps that’s why education consistently performs well in the internal employee survey every year.

Do you want to be part of our team and help us develop a great company and product? Take a look at our career page, maybe something will catch your eye.


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