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MultiSport. Your Ticket to a Healthy Lifestyle

At MultiSport, we open the doors to thousands of relaxation and sports facilities every day.

We connect the world of operators, companies and their people, explore the latest trends in the leisure world and as the true team enthusiasts, we then share the data back to our partners. For example, in the form of the MultiSport Index publication.

1 800+

sports and relaxation facilities
in our partner network


cities and municipalities where
you can use your MultiSport Card

240 000+

employees move and
relax with MultiSport

8 000+

companies that
work with us


Under the MultiSport Benefit CZ, s.r.o. brand, we have been operating since 2010. The first steps towards transforming the employees’ leisure time, however, came from the neighboring Poland, where our parent company Benefit Systems SA was established in 2001. Other members of the MultiSport family can now be found in the neighboring Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, or even Turkey.

Core Pillars

At MultiSport, we are well aware that physical well-being is closely linked to the mental one. Our main goal is for people to feel better and, as a result, be healthier, happier and ultimately more productive at work.

Our flagship product is the MultiSport Card. However, we also expand our services to include the online platform My MultiSport, where the cardholders can find plenty of discount offers, videos and tips for the exercise or even organizing team building events and Health Days for companies.

Meet Us


Miroslav Rech

General Manager

Our paths with MultiSport met in 2015 and we have come a long way together. I’m proud that together with my team we’ve been able to build a brand that has become a household name in the field of sports benefits. My goal is that we continue to bring the joy of exercise into people’s lives and make it more enjoyable.


Eva Loužecká

Managing Director, HR & Office Manager

I’m excited to work for a brand whose products make a lot of sense. Health, sport and relaxation are the cornerstones of a happy life. At MultiSport, we are a well-functioning passionate group, whose common goal is to see more people adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Martin Buriánek

Sales Director

At MultiSport I enjoy being able to help to develop the option of healthy lifestyles for people in the Czech Republic and strengthen the prevention. In addition to meeting our business goals, my team and I strive to achieve the highest possible satisfaction, both on the part of employees, partners and clients.


Sylvie Hovorková

Financial Manager

I’ve been with MultiSport since February 2018 and I’m mainly focused on developing financial strategies and strengthening the company’s accounting function. My goal is to build our strategy based on transparency, integrity and innovation, contributing to the sustainable growth and success of MultiSport.


Patrik Pavel

Partners Director

At MultiSport I am responsible for the development and maintenance of our partner network. Together with my colleagues, we strive to create the most accessible, highest quality and widest network of sports venues for the MultiSport owners.

Join Us

Our Values



It is important to us that our employees feel good physically and mentally. Getting enough healthy exercise for them and their families is just the beginning.



We respect the rules of fair play. This is the only way to maintain a lasting and balanced relationship with our partners and clients, with whom we pull together.



We value our colleagues, clients, partners and family members. That’s why we are committed to maintaining a balance
between work and personal life.



We believe that these words do not belong only in historical novels. We also follow them, we respect each other and we try to build a modern society for all.



We strive to inspire and motivate busy people to exercise and thus lead a healthy lifestyle.



We always talk straight and listen carefully, because these are the people you can rely on the most. This is how we can get to a win-win situation.

A Solid House of Cards – A Brief History of MultiSport


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