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MultiSport Benefit Ltd. Is Changing Its Leadership. The Priority Will Be Product Innovations and Strategic Changes in Communication.
Miroslav Rech

MultiSport Benefit Ltd. Is Changing Its Leadership. The Priority Will Be Product Innovations and Strategic Changes in Communication.

The company MultiSport Benefit changed its CEO in the Czech Republic after more than 10 years. The new CEO, Miroslav Rech, an experienced businessman with years of practice in telecommunications, banking products and especially benefits, is taking over. His long-term goal will be to keep the company at the forefront of sports and relaxation benefits in the market.

MultiSport expects a new perspective from the fresh CEO. From the nicknamed card for the gym, the gradually more accessible option for sports is being built even for the people who are for example just starting. “We would like to be closer to people. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or you just want to engage in sports during your free time. The MultiSport offer is very diverse, so everyone will really find something for themselves. For example, this Summer we added selected Czech castles and châteaus to the offer,” says Miroslav Rech.

MultiSport wants to support the idea in people that sport is not just about big muscles and sculpted figures and fitness centers are not a place of prejudice. Sports activities can be done freely, just for fun or one can really focus on their health prevention. The area of manually working employees remains a huge challenge, since they already struggle with daily stress and the motivation to work out decreases.

MultiSport wants to continue striving for the position of a leader in the Czech market in the field of sports and relaxation with an emphasis on the work-life balance of employees. Due to the Covid period, they may still be more cautious and are only slowly returning to their original sports habits. “Movement and relaxation should be an integral part of everyone’s life. Our goal is to awaken new motivation in these people and support them in their goals. From our past surveys in cooperation with NMS Market Research, it is clear that only a tenth of Czechs have nothing preventing them from living healthily. But we would like the awareness of healthy lifestyle habits to resonate with society and the percentage of 45% Czechs engaging in sports to become much higher,” mentions Miroslav Rech.

Miroslav Rech is aware of the demanding challenges ahead of him. The company wants to focus on expanding and stabilizing the partner network, as well as utilizing automation and technology to improve service quality and work efficiency. As a new development, users will be able to start using purely virtual MultiSport Cards or engage in sports at a favorable price even during their studies at high schools or universities. The driving force of the company’s core will also be the improvement and development of the Fair Play area, which straightens out cooperation with partners and analyzes user behavior. All of these individual aspects should, of course, bring additional opportunities not only in shaping products but also in the form of job positions for potential employees. “We want to progress, grow and develop, but this inevitably also includes stability, a supportive environment, satisfied and qualified employees as well as product quality,” concludes Rech.


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