What is the MultiSport programme?

Offers to employers the long-term motivation for employees to engage in regular exercising and relaxation activities. Includes two products, the MultiSport card and now MultiSport events.

What is the MultiSport card?

The MultiSport card is a leisure activity employee benefit that grants you free or discounted entry each day to more than 2 000 leisure and exercise facilities in 360 cities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can choose from more than 260 activities year-round.

How can I get a MultiSport card?

This is a unique employee benefit, so by definition it can only be acquired through your employer. It is not currently available to individuals. If you are from your company’s HR department and are considering how to motivate your staff to exercise and relax in the long term, then you’re in the right spot. Get in touch and we’ll work with you to help your employees feel their best. If you’re an employee, but your employer has not offered you this benefit, then don’t hesitate to recommend usto your employer. We will make contact and offer details of our MultiSport programme.

How does the MultiSport card work?

Take a look at our video, which will explain everything to you. In short, as soon as you get a MultiSport card from your employer, you can start using it almost immediately. You just need to read through the conditions of use for the MultiSport card and legible sign on its back side. Then you can start choosing where to go first! Just show your MultiSport card at the facility’s reception desk along with photo ID and…you’re in!

What are MultiSport events?

We do education. We do team-building. We take care of your employees’ health – that’s why we organize events and consider them an integral part of the MultiSport program. We’ll make all the arrangements for you, including sports equipment, communication with employees before the event and photography on the big day. We are currently offering health and sports days, workshops, teambuilding events, family days, company sports games and networking events. Intrigued? Drop us a line or look at the details about events we have organized.

Who are our partners?

We work with the best leisure and exercise facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our team works tirelessly to find places for you to rest and recharge. You can always count on a high standard of service and excellent facilities. Check out the full list.