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You already have a MultiSport card! Now let’s see what the card has to offer.


One entry per day


1900+ locations across Czechia


270+ activity types


How does the card work?

Unlike traditional season tickets, MultiSportka allows you to visit any facility in our partner network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The card can be used for one entry per day, twice a day to ride a bike from Nextbike or Rekola and once every six months to use the InBody body measurement.


Where can you use the card?

In our network you will find over 2700 sports and relaxation facilities throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic. You can discover a new super gym or your favourite sauna in the My Multisport app or on our interactive map. You can also find all the important information for each facility, such as opening hours, MultiSport support, etc.


You can also use the card in summer

You’re telling yourself you’re not gonna use the card this summer? Wrong! With the MultiSport card you can visit various swimming pools, castles, castles, bobsleigh tracks and do other sightseeing and fun activities.


Download the card to your mobile

You don’t want to physically carry the card? That’s why we have the My MultiSport app, where you simply activate your virtual card and you won’t need the plastic one anymore. There’s also a map in the app for discovering new favourite facilities.

  • You don’t need a plastic card
  • You don’t need any ID
  • Everything is faster

Get extra rewards!

For our users, we have the My MultiSport platform where, in addition to additional online classes, you can also find discounts with our partners who also have your healthy lifestyle in mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

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