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Is MultiSport still worth it?

Is MultiSport still worth it?

It must be said that for many years we kept the price of the card the same and sort of turned a blind eye to what was happening “out there”. Unfortunately, inflation and ever fatter utility bills and rents have not escaped the fitness & wellness sector. And so came the long-delayed increase in MultiSport prices and with it an understandable wave of questions from their users. Is it still worth it?

And because no question should go unanswered, we set out (probably for the first time ever) to write an article about what we and our long-time clients see as the value of MultiSport.

The MultiSport pays off and the exercise hasn’t stopped!

If I have a MultiSport, what am I actually paying for?

The MultiSport card is a unique product on the Czech market, which has one goal since its inception: To make you feel better. But the card is just the beginning. We are committed to bringing you new experiences and opportunities for activity and relaxation, so we are constantly expanding our partner network, writing articles in collaboration with experts, making videos or going to castles and castles with you in the summer. 

MultiSport will arrange

Entrance to the sport or relaxation centre

For every single entry to a gym, swimming pool or sauna, we send money to the partner venue, which thanks to us has a stable clientele and cash flow. We currently have more than 1,900 such places in our partner network. The most popular ones register tens to hundreds of thousands of entries per month with the MultiSport card.


The possibility to choose something different every day

Every year, our MultiSport Index research shows that MultiSport card users not only play sports more often than the rest of the population, but also like to rotate between multiple activities. It’s trying different sports without having to go to the commitment of a membership that our clients praise the most. “What our employees appreciate most about Multisport is the wide range of activities and the freedom to join fitness centres without having to buy memberships or passes. The most used are the entrances to the gym, group exercise classes, but also relaxation in the wellness centers. Team building or meeting friends for bowling or laser games cannot be omitted either,” shared Linda Púšová, Junior HR Generalist from


Health and better mood (not only) at work

For 83% of employees, well-being at work is as important as their salary. When employers invest in physical activity and wellness for their employees, it pays off not only in recruitment, but also in fewer sick days taken or overall higher productivity of individual teams.

“As the largest primary care provider in the country, we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, the role that regular exercise plays in maintaining physical and mental health. We believe that employees who are healthy and happy are more productive and have a positive impact on the work environment. Thus, the MultiSport card is not just a benefit, but above all an investment in the health and well-being of our employees,” says Pavla Preissová from MOJE AMBULANCE a.s.

“We offer the Multisport card to our employees mainly because of work-life balance. By being more of an IT company, we wanted to provide employees with the possibility of various leisure activities that would focus on physical activity,” adds Linda Púšová from


The possibility to use shared bikes

In addition to access to the selected sports venue, you can take advantage of up to two one-hour rides on shared Rekola or nextbike bikes every day with MultiSport. Not only is this another way for you to get some extra exercise into your day, but you’ll be contributing to cleaner air in the city.


Unlimited access to
My MultiSport platform

With your MultiSport card, you also get unlimited access to our online platform My MultiSport, where you can get discounts from our partners, try various well-being apps for free or work out at home with one of our exercise videos.


With MultiSport you also have the opportunity to take advantage of free body diagnostics twice a year using the InBody device. In My MultiSport we have prepared a series of videos in cooperation with nutrition therapist Šárka Knížková, in which we show you how to read the data from InBody correctly and, most importantly, how to use it for a healthier life.

Is it worth it then?

Especially in larger cities, one-off entry fees have jumped by tens of percent in recent years. It’s not uncommon for one group class in Prague to cost 300 CZK or more, which can be a real barrier to incorporating movement into your life. The option of a membership or season pass is usually more cost-effective compared to one-off entries, but it is tied to one particular venue, which may not suit everyone.

In contrast, a MultiSport membership gives you the freedom to choose from a range of sports venues and if you use it regularly, it’s simple maths. “Employees are asking for the MultiSport card benefit themselves. It is used by keen sports people as well as those who don’t go on a regular basis. Employees appreciate using the card for swimming pools, especially in summer, when it pays not to disturb the card,” explains Eva Bláhová from IMOS Brno, a.s.

“I like variety and it suits me to change sports facilities and try new ones. Our employer contributes half of the price of the MultiSport card, which is really good money,” one of the respondents to the MultiSport Index 2023 survey told us. The employer’s contribution is another great way to make sport even more accessible and to support the health and satisfaction of employees. Half of our clients choose the route of so-called co-funding or even full funding of MultiSport, and we know from long-term experience that this is definitely a fair and sustainable route.

“As a company, we perceive that regular exercise increases the overall resistance of the body and has a positive effect on the immunity and health of our employees. For this reason, we contribute to the promotion of the health style of our employees, as the physical stress at work and in private life makes people feel less tired and have a more positive outlook on the world with regular exercise,” adds Petra Chybidziurova, Head of HR Working at Hyundai Transys Czech, s.r.o.


Do you also want
to feel better?

Ask your employer if they offer MultiSport as part of their employee benefits. If not, let us know and we’ll try to change it.


Did you know we also offer MultiSport for students?

It allows college students to take 4 visits to a selected sports venue, plus 4 rides on shared bikes, allowing them to spend their student years moving more.


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