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The “January Effect” Doesn’t Occur, People’s Resolutions Last Until March.

The “January Effect” Doesn’t Occur, People’s Resolutions Last Until March.

There is a belief in society that Czechs engage in sports the most during January, often due to New Year’s resolutions and an effort to compensate for Christmas and New Year’s feasting. However, the data from MultiSport Benefit company regarding the attendance of sports centers refutes this assumption.

Attendance at Sports Centers

“From our data mapping the attendance of nearly two thousands sports facilities in the first quarter of the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, it is clear that Czechs do not forget about sports after January. Thanks to our data, we can debunk the so-called “January slackers” effect. The highest attendance of sports facilities is recorded in March during the first quarter, says Miroslav Rech, CEO of the MultiSport Benefit company, on the results of the analysis.

Attendance of Sports Centers During the First Quarter of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022

On average, March attendance surpasses January’s by 7 percent. This indicates that more and more people are forming healthy and sustainable sports habits that they adhere to in the long run. Especially those who pay for membership in a specific sports facility or use the MultiSport Card.

“If people have a prepaid membership in a gym or pool or they use a benefit card, it motivates them to actually go and work out. On the other hand, if they’ve decided to work out at home, it’s easier for them to find an excuse to skip it today,” adds Rech.

Sports Year 2022 in Numbers

Last year, in the first quarter, the biggest number of Czechs went to work out on Monday, March 7th, when 31,857 people visited sports facilities. In contrast, on Saturday, January 29th, sports facilities recorded only 16,499 entries, which is only about a half of that. Even fewer Czechs worked out on January 1st, apart from the fatigue from New Year’s celebrations, this is also due to the closure of most sports facilities.

Overall, Czechs worked out most frequently on Mondays in 2022. The least on Saturdays, not on Sundays, which is generally considered a day of rest. Compared to Monday’s attendance at sports facilities, Saturday sees a quarter drop. Compared to 2020, when all sports facilities were closed from mid-March, interest in visiting sports facilities has slightly decreased. “People have not yet returned to their previously established routines after the Covid closure of sports facilities,” explains Miroslav Rech.

In the first quarter of the year, Czechs visit gyms the most. In 2022, they accounted for a total of 32% of entries. Pools and wellness centers were also popular, accounting for 15% of entries.

TOP 3 Most Popular Sports Activities in Q1 2022




553 663 Entries


Pools and Wellness Centers

Pools and Wellness Centers

264 124 Entries


Racquet Sports
and Ball Games

Racquet Sports
and Ball Games

91 274 Entries

People also didn’t shy away from group activities. The third most popular are racquet sports and ball games (badminton, squash), accounting for 5% of the total number of entries. Aerobic group workouts (such as spinning, aerobics, or tabata) hold fourth place with 3.9%. People don’t forget that sports are also a great opportunity to meet with friends and a form of socialization. They can see their friends and still engage in sports,” explains Miroslav Rech.

Yoga also maintains its popularity with a representation of 2%. According to data, Yoga was already at its peak popularity in 2020, with nearly 40% more people attending it than in the previous year. Since 2018, the popularity of combat sports has also increased by 35%.

New Year’s Resolutions? Yes, but in a Healthy Way and without Becoming a “January Slacker”.

New Year’s resolutions aiming to improve physical fitness and losing weight are still popular. New Year’s resolutions aiming to improve physical fitness and losing weight are still popular. In order to successfully fulfill resolutions, it is necessary to establish healthy habits and avoid drastic changes. “We must know what goals we want to achieve and why they are important to us. When we know the reason, building new habits will be easier,” advises psychologist Marek Katrňák.

Unhealthy habits and exaggerated goals can have the opposite effect than the desired one. It is important to set realistic and smaller, gradual goals. It is important to be careful so that our efforts do not turn against us. “It’s not an art to push yourself too hard during one workout and then be too tired for a week. I recommend starting with shorter and less intense workouts (with lighter weights), but maintaining the consistency. Don’t underestimate the post-workout stretching, sauna, whirlpool, steam, massage.” describes Petr Soukup, coach, physiotherapist and a former professional athlete. Data shows that Czechs prefer to visit wellness and regeneration facilities on Sundays.

A part of a comprehensive healthy lifestyle is also a healthy diet. Here again, many people with a good intention to improve their health can easily harm their bodies. “It’s much better to set realistic goals and incorporate all changes gradually,” concludes nutrition therapist Šárka Knížková.


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