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Summer Time Travel with a MultiSport Card. Enjoy the Warm Months to the Fullest.

Summer Time Travel with a MultiSport Card. Enjoy the Warm Months to the Fullest.

Have you ever wondered what you can actually do with a MultiSport Card? Everyone of course knows that with this card you can visit gyms, wellness centers, saunas and a whole range of other sports and relaxation facilities. But did you know that thanks to it you can visit castles and chateaus or gain access to some interesting discounts? Find out all you can do with the MultiSport Card.

MultiSport Card has always been a bit magical, but this Summer it will allow you to time travel. You can set off to a whole range of Czech and Moravian castles and chateaus and, for example, during a family trip, gather lots of experiences and also plenty of healthy movement in the fresh air with the MultiSport Card just like last year. Choose on our activity map which monument you want to visit first.

What will MultiSport Card bring you this year as a bonus?

Many people keep an eye on their caloric intake on their health journey. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight or just want to have an overview of what you managed to eat all day, a 30% discount on the Caloric Table app, which you can find on My MultiSport platform, can be useful for you.

We have already met with the NUTREND company several times. That’s why we are happy to offer you a 20% discount on products and a 25% discount on a stay package at the NUTREND WORLD. Not only bodybuilders will surely make use of high-quality protein powders, which you can find in the NUTREND offer, moreover, thanks to MultiSport with a 20% discount. And those, who would rather make use of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements, will surely find a wide range to choose from. Everything is available to pick-up on My MultiSport.

Trips to nature are an indispensable part of summer. However you don’t always find the right hotel with available capacity and enough privacy. But what if you brought your accommodation with you? Thanks to another reward on My MultiSport, you can rent a caravan from the Campiri company more advantageously and enjoy the summer on your own.

You can also travel by boat on your own. Thanks to the MultiSport Card, you are entitled to a 10% discount on renting a boat from the Samba company. Enjoy the summer on the water and set sail for great experiences!

But the ride doesn’t end there! For adrenaline lovers and beautiful views of nature, we have prepared a specialty this year. With your card, you can now head to selected bobsleigh tracks and experience a new adventure.

If workouts are more than just a form of relaxation for you and you would like to achieve specific results, it’s always better to work with a personal trainer. With the Fitify app, you can carry such a trainer with you everywhere. With the help of artificial intelligence and the latest technologies, it will design a tailor-made training plan for you based on your experience, abilities, and other specifics. So if you want to build muscle, lose fat or sculpt your figure, you can check out My MultiSport and take advantage of our exclusive discounts on an annual Fitify subscription.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the rewards we offer on My MultiSport in the long run yet, now might be the right time. This includes, for example, a 5% discount in the e-shop on dietary supplements and other products related to workouts. You can take care of your mental health thanks to the premium membership in the VOS Health application provided by MultiSport Card.

Videos, Articles and Rewards on the My MultiSport Platform

In addition to rewards on My MultiSport, interesting articles are regularly added, which we prepare for you together with experts in the field of a healthy lifestyle. We have recently also launched a series of videos called “First Lessons” with Kuba from MultiSport, which aim to inform beginners about working out in an entertaining way. So if you are one of these users, don’t hesitate to check out our videos.

So let’s sum it up. So let’s sum it up. Still don’t believe that with MultiSport Card you can time travel? We hope you’ll enjoy this summer with us to the fullest!


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