Am I eligible to use a virtual card?

Every card holder who has an active employee or an accompanying MultiSport card can use a virtual card. You just need to download the My MultiSport mobile app and go through a few easy steps to switch from a plastic to a virtual card.

Are there any additional fees for using a virtual card?

There is no additional cost for switching to a virtual card.

Can I use both virtual and plastic card at the same time?

You can only have 1 card active at the same time. You either continue using the plastic card, or you can switch to virtual card using My MultiSport mobile app. The best part is that once you switch to a virtual card, you won’t need your plastic card anymore.

Do I have to create an account in My MultiSport?

If you already have an account in https://my.multisport.cz, you don’t need to create a new account for the mobile app. You simply log in with your email address and password.

If you don’t have an account in https://my.multisport.cz, click on “Create an account” and follow the steps to complete your registration.

When I try to create an account in the mobile app, the app says that I already have an account but I don’t recall creating one. What should I do?

This means that your card or email address has already been registered to My MultiSport. If you don’t remember your password, click on “Reset password” in the main screen and you’ll receive a link via mail to change it.

I don’t want to create an account in My MultiSport, can I still use the virtual card?

To use the virtual card, you need to have an account in My MultiSport and log into it. Only after that you are able to configure your virtual card. However, you can still use your My MultiSport mobile app to check out what facilities your MultiSport card offers, even without creating an account.

What are the requirements for my virtual card set up?

Please follow the steps in your My MultiSport mobile app. After logging in your My MultiSport account, you will need to provide a photo of yourself and your phone number.

What requirements must the photo meet in the application?

The photo has to have good focus and your face must be clearly visible and recognizable in the photo. You can either choose a photo of yourself from the library or even take a selfie with your phone camera.

Can I use the virtual card without uploading a photo?

To make full use of the virtual card, you need to upload a photo which, once confirmed upon your first visit with a virtual card, will be sufficient identification for all future visits. Which means that you won’t need to bring and show your ID, isn’t that great?

Can I change my photo in the app?

Yes, you can change the photo using your My MultiSport mobile app. Keep in mind there is a limit for the number of changes. If you have problems with changing your photo, please contact us.

Where will my photos be stored?

We will not store your photos anywhere. They will be kept only in your device connected to your virtual card and be used only for the purpose of your verification while visiting a sports facility.

Can I use the virtual card without entering my phone number?

Since the MultiSport card is your personal sports card which can’t be borrowed or lent to other people, the phone number serves as additional verification that your card will be used only on the device you set it up on.

What will you use my phone number for?

Your phone number will serve as additional verification of your virtual card. We might also call you or text you in case we have to share some important information about the MultiSport service.

If you check the marketing consent checkbox during virtual card configuration, we will also provide you with news from the world of MultiSport.

Once I finalize the virtual card configuration process, when will I be able to use my virtual card?

This period is different for each employer. Therefore, once you go through the configuration process, you will receive a message in the app containing the exact date on which you can start using your virtual card.

Example  1) If your card is active, your virtual card will be active immediately after switching.

Example 2) If your card is not yet active but is supposed to be active e.g. starting on the 1st of the following month, you can switch to a virtual card but it will be active on the 1st of the following month, same as plastic card would be. When in doubt, take a look in the app, you will find the date there.

Remember: After switching to virtual card your plastic card will no longer be active.

Can I use the virtual card on multiple devices?

You can use your virtual card on one single device, but you can use the rest of the features of the MultiSport app (list of facilities, map, etc.) on as many devices as you like.

Can I switch my virtual card to another device?

To change the device on which you are using your virtual card, just download the mobile app and sign in using your login details. You will be asked to confirm the change of device.

After you finalize this process, you will be able to use the virtual card only on your new device; your virtual card will not be accessible on your old device anymore.

The number of devices switches is limited. In case of any problem please contact us.

Will my app work and will it keep my app settings and data if I don’t have an active MultiSport card?

If your MultiSport card is inactive, you won’t be able to use your virtual card at facilities but the app will keep all your settings and data. You don’t need to re-enter your personal data or re-configure your virtual card once you decide to reactivate your MultiSport subscription.

What if my phone is stolen or is no longer working?

Simply download the app on your new device and set up your virtual card with a few easy steps. Once you finalize this process, you will be able to use the virtual card only on your new device and the old one will not work anymore.

It is my first visit in a facility while using the virtual card. What should I do?

During your first visit with your virtual card at a facility, go to My card and click on “Verify your photo at a facility” and show your photo to the receptionist together with your ID. The employee will compare your image in the application and in the ID document, and then confirm your identity. You will see in the application that your photo has been verified, after which you can identify yourself at the sports facilities only by showing your photo and names in the app, without the need to bring your ID.

How do I visit a facility using my virtual card?

Just open the My MultiSport mobile app, go to the My card section in the bottom menu and click on Scan card. A QR code will be generated. You need to show this QR code to the receptionist, so that he / she can scan the code and register your visit.

The QR code I generated in the application isn’t working and the receptionist can’t register my card. What should I do?

Please make sure that your card is active and that you have Internet connection. If that’s the case and the QR code is still not working, please contact us at +420 220 188 700.

The facility that I visited does not have the means to scan my virtual card. What should I do?

In case the facility does not own a QR code reader or is not able to currently use their QR code reader, please find your “Offline code” located under the QR code on your virtual card and give the number to the receptionist in the facility. Your visit will be accepted.