What is the repayment period for the MultiSport programme?

The basic repayment period for invoices is 14 days.

What is the billing period?

The billing period for the MultiSport programme is one calendar month.

Can we pay for the MultiSport programme with Flexi passes / meal vouchers / Edenred?

No, unfortunately not this at this time. We do not have agreements in place with these companies.

How much does an event cost?

We make all the arrangements for every event and adapt them to the needs of each client. This means the price depends on several different factors. First we will meet with you in person to discuss your needs and requests. Then we will be able to put together a package designed just for you.

How can we get a MultiSport event for our employees?

It’s simple – get in touch and we’ll be happy to invite you to a non-binding meeting to discuss options. We organize events for all companies without differentiating between clients and non-clients.

What will MultiSport events bring to us and our employees?

They will get you and your company moving. You’ll learn about healthy eating habits, exercise and leisure, and maintaining a good work/life balance. Your people will also come together as a team in the informal atmosphere and will communicate and work better together. The whole event is held under the auspices of MultiSport and led by professional trainers, so you can enjoy it hassle-free. Want to find out more about our events? Check out the details.

What administrative tasks are associated with MultiSport cards?

Practically none. We’ve gone for maximum simplicity and we take excellent customer service as a matter of course.

How much does the MultiSport card cost?

The price of the card depends on several different factors. The most significant of these includes the number of people getting cards and also the “financing model.” That depends on the ratio of dividing costs between employer and employees. However, you only pay for active cards. Any other questions about financing? Let us know and we’ll be happy to walk you through it all.

Can we increase the number of cards later?

Of course. You can update the number of cards as of the 15th day of each month by email or the web form created especially for you.

Can we offer cards only to employees or also to external contractors?

MultiSports cards are also available to external contracts or people with an agreement for performance of work, etc. The contractual arrangements involve an affidavit on the part of the company.

How can we get a MultiSport card for our employees?

It’s simple – write or call us and we’ll be happy to invite you to a non-binding meeting to discuss options. The only condition is the minimum number of 10 MultiSport cards. 60 % of all cards must be employee cards and 40 % can be Accompanying / Child cards. If you meet this requirement, get in touch and we’ll put together an offer just for you (we offer various forms of financing, including staggered payment).

What will the MultiSport card bring to my employees?

Primarily you will be offering them a unique benefit with nothing comparable on the Czech market. Each of your employees is unique and by giving them a card, you show that you respect them and give them the freedom to use the card. Employees choose when and what activities to engage in. You don’t have to make any complicated arrangements with other entities. We’ve done all that for you! See where the MultiSport card can be used today.

What are my options for financing the MultiSport programme?

First of all: there is no administrative or handling fee for joining the programme. The MultiSport programme is flexible. So it’s up to you how and what sources you want to use to finance it. Most often companies finance the programme using:

  • the company’s operating funds
  • employees’ own funds (monthly salary deduction)
  • a combination of the above

How long do I have to order the MultiSport programme for?

That is up to your company. We work with you under a written agreement for an indefinite period with a notice period of one month. You can also withdraw from the agreement at any time without stating a reason.