What do I do if I lost my card?

Don’t panic! Just let your HR department know about the lost card. Then we can send you a new card free of charge. You will need to pay normally for entry to facilities until the new card comes.

Can I suspend use of my MultiSport card in some way?

Ask your HR department about the specific options available, because it always depends on the type of agreement between MultiSport Benefit and your employer. The standard procedure is that cards can only be suspended for serious medical reasons with a confirmation from a doctor saying you are unable to engage in sports.

My favorite facility doesn’t accept MultiSport cards. Can I do anything to change that?

Of course. We expand our network based on your suggestions and requests. If you have a specific suggestion, please send it to us through the contact form. Our team will check whether the facility is appropriate for inclusion in our partner network. If so, we will do our best to get them on board.

Can I use my MultiSport card to arrange court reservations or lessons?

No, unfortunately we do not allow this at this time. You’ll need to make arrangements with the specific facility. However, the list of our partner facilities gives you everything you need to contact them on your own.

Can I use my MultiSport outside the country?

You can currently use your card at our partner facilities in Slovakia. Have a look at which ones are available. MultiSport is also available in Poland and Bulgaria, but the Czech MultiSport is not currently valid in those countries.

How do I find out where all I can use my MultiSport card?

We currently offer free/discounted entry to over 2 000 facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can choose from more than 260 physical activities and relaxation options in 300 cities. Use our search function to set the location or your favorite activity. Every entry also lists the facility’s details: contact information, reservation yes/no, list of activities available, additional fees required, etc.).

Do I pay an entry fee at the door?

In 99% of cases entry is free. If not, we always mention it in the detailed view for that specific partner or in the terms of use for the MultiSport card, which are available here. PLEASE NOTE: the facility may also require a refundable deposit for a reservation or equipment. MultiSport does not cover this deposit.

How often can I use my card?

Your MultiSport card is good for one entry to one facility per day. This means that you can use it for up to 30 or 31 activities each month, if you like! Some of our partners even stretch the definition of “one entry” to include multiple activities in the same facility (such as a pool and sauna). Look at our partnering facilities and what they have to offer.

Do MultiSport cards for family members work separately or do we have to go exercise together?

These cards work independently. The holder has the same rights as the holder of a standard employee MultiSport card.

My card is expired. What now?

Please return the card to us. Your HR department can help you in this case, too.

My employment has ended but my card is still valid. What does that mean for me?

That depends on the type of agreement between MultiSport Benefit and your employer. The standard procedure is that your card expires on the last day of your current employment. Certain exceptions are made, however, such as if you ordered a MultiSport card through Cafeteria, so always ask your HR department to be sure.

Can I get a MultiSport card for my family members or friends, too?

Yes. You can get one Accompanying card for an adult and up to three Child cards (up to age 15) for one employee card. The Accompanying card is available only for family members or life partners, not for friends. It’s up to your employer whether to support these cards or not, however, so get in touch with your HR department to find out more.

Can I order a Accompanying / Child card without an employee card?

No, that is not possible. In order to prevent abuse of Accompanying / Child cards, they are directly linked to employee cards.

Can I lend my MultiSport card to a friend?

No, I’m afraid not. Cards are non-transferrable and can be used only by the holder listed on the card.

I got the envelope with my MultiSport card. What now?

Open the envelope and you’ll find a cover letter to go with your card. The cover letter tells you how to use your new benefit. Terms and conditions for using the programme are also available here. Just a friendly warning: The MultiSport card is non-transferable and you are the only one authorized to use it. So don’t forget to sign it, because otherwise the card is invalid, and always show photo ID along with your MultiSport card. If you show only your MultiSport card without photo ID, you may not be allowed past reception.

Can I pick up my card in person?

Of course.

  • Prague office: myhive, Lomnického 1705/9 140 00 Praha 4 (3rd floor). Have a look at the map.
  • Brno office: Zvěřinova 1277/11a, 618 00 Brno. Have a look at the map.

How will I receive my MultiSport card?

In the vast majority of cases, we send cards directly to the address listed by the employer, i.e. your place of work. You will be able to pick up your card there or your HR department will deliver it to you.

How much do I pay for my MultiSport card each month?

We charge your employer each month only the price of the card. That price depends on what package your employer has with us, so prices may vary. Our sales representative will be happy to set up a non-binding meeting with your HR department to discuss a specific offer.

Can I order a MultiSport card by email or phone?

The only way to get a MultiSport card is through your HR department. If your employer does not work with MultiSport yet, recommend us and we will get in touch with an offer.