Terms & Conditions

MultiSport Card Silver

  • Employee benefit
  • One free entry to the network of partner facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia every day – multisport.cz
  • In addition to the standard entry – 2x daily bike-sharing, 2x yearly InBody body composition measurement
  • Option of one accompanying card for a person over 15 years of age and up to 3 children cards
  • Access to multisport.cz

Full Terms and Conditions

1. Basic terminology

1.1. MultiSport Silver Card: a non-transferable identifier linked to a specific person, i.e. an employee or an accompanying person (hereinafter referred to as the “Card”). The Card may be plastic or virtual. The virtual MultiSport Card is only valid when presented in the official My MultiSport application.
1.2. Card User: a natural person using the Card entitled to use the Partner’s services specified in the contract concluded between the Partner and MultiSport Benefit, s.r.o. If the term “User” is used in the Terms and Conditions, it means the Employee and/or the Accompanying Person (hereinafter referred to as “User”).
1.3. Employer: an entity which, on the basis of a contract with MultiSport Benefit, s.r.o., enables the use of the MultiSport Programme by its Employees and their family members / Accompanying Persons and Children.
1.4. Partner: a company providing sports and relaxation services.
1.5. Partner network: partners who accept the Card. The current list of Partners who accept the Card is available at https://mapa.multisport.cz/en.
1.6. Partner’s Facility: the premises where the Partner provides sports and relaxation services to MultiSport Card Users.
1.7. Card provider: the company MultiSport Benefit s.r.o.

2. Terms of use of the Card

2.1 MultiSport card
2.1.1. The Card can only be obtained through your Employer via MultiSport Benefit, s.r.o.
2.1.2. The deadlines and Card orders are governed by contractual arrangements between the Employer and MultiSport Benefit, s.r.o.
2.1.3. The card is issued in the name of its holder, is non-transferable and may not be made available to others.
2.1.4. It is prohibited to make changes to the Card’s appearance.
2.1.5. The loss, destruction or theft of a Card must be reported immediately to the person responsible for contacting the Card Provider at the Card User’s company (usually the HR department). In the event of finding a Card that was previously reported as lost, it must be sent to the Card Provider or handed over to the person responsible for contacting the Card Provider at the Card User’s company.
2.1.6. The Card is the property of the Card Provider, who has the right to request the Card’s return if the User violates the terms and conditions of use of the Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”). The Provider also reserves the right to refuse to issue the Card to such User in the future. Information about the violation of the Conditions will be sent to the Employer.
2.1.7. When ordering the Card, the User declares that he/she has read the current terms and conditions and accepts them unconditionally.
2.1.8. The user may apply for one Accompanying Card for a loved one over 15 years of age and up to three Children Cards for children under 15. By cancelling the Employee Card, the User loses the right to the Accompanying and Children Cards. The same rule applies to issuing Cards, where no Accompanying Cards can be issued without an Employee Card.

2.2 Use of the Card
2.2.1. The card can be used every day for one free entry to the Partner Network. Within the same day, the User can ride twice on a shared mechanical bike with Rekola and nextbike services. At the same time, the User can use the InBody measurement for which he/she is entitled once per calendar half-year (from 1.1. to 30.6. and 1.7. to 31.12.), i.e. twice a year. On the day the User uses the InBody at the Partner, he/she is also entitled to one more access to the premises of the same or another Partner within the Partner’s network.
2.2.2. An additional fee is collected only at Partner Facilities with the note “surcharge required” in the details of the Partner’s Facility on the website – mapa.multisport.cz.
2.2.3. The card can be used for one-time entries to Partner Facilities. However, the card cannot be used for courses organized by Partners. The Card cannot be used to pay for other activities or a cash surcharge, except for the Partners listed in point 2.2.2. of the Terms. The card can only be used for activities listed on the website in the details of the Partner’s Facility.
2.2.4. The card cannot be used to purchase goods or services offered within the Partner’s Facility (e.g. beauty services, solariums, massages, manicures, pedicures, protein drinks, bars, etc.).
2.2.5. Before using the services with the plastic MultiSport card in the Partner’s facility, the User must present the card and the ID at the reception desk and confirm the visit to the Partner’s facility (if required) with his/her signature. The Card is valid only upon presentation of a personal document with a name and a photo (ID card, driving licence, company ID, etc.). Before using the services with the MultiSport virtual card at the Partner’s facility, the User is obliged to present an identity document with name and photo (ID card, driving licence, company ID, etc.) and confirm the visit to the Partner’s facility (if required) with his/her signature in case of an unverified photo in the My MultiSport application. In the case of a verified photo, the User shall only present an approved picture in the My MultiSport application. A copy of the Card’s barcode scanned in the mobile application or mobile phone or a copied Card is not considered a Card.
2.2.6. The User must sign legibly on the visit form located at the reception of the Partner’s Facility (if required).
2.2.7. In the case of renting the tennis court by 2 to 4 persons, where at least 2 persons have a Card, the court is free for 1 hour (60 minutes). If only one person has a Card, the other persons pay the rest, i.e. ½ of the court, directly to the Partner according to their price list. In the case of renting a beach volleyball court, one Card is equal to ¼ of the price of the court/hour. If there are less than four Cards in the group, the rest is paid by the persons without Cards directly to the Partner according to its price list. In the case of bowling alley rental, one Card is equal to ¼ of the price of the alley/hour. If the number of Cards in the group is less than four, the rest is paid by the non-Cardholders directly to the Partner according to the Partner’s price list.
2.2.8. The User must comply with the rules of the Partner’s Facility in which he/she is located. The rules of the Partner’s Object always take precedence over these Terms.
2.2.9. The Services can be used during the Partner Facility’s operating hours (unless other limitations are listed on the website in the Partner Facility details).
2.2.10. To ensure the Users’ satisfaction, we recommend prior telephone contact with the Partner to reserve available places (e.g. group lessons or InBody) and specify the possibilities and conditions of using the services.
2.2.11. All information related to the availability of services can be obtained by calling the hotline at +420 220 188 700.
2.2.12. The Card User is entitled to use the services within the https://my.multisport.cz platform.

2.3 Anti-fraud measures
2.3.1. An employee of the Card Provider (Controller) or an authorized employee of the Partner is entitled to verify the User’s personal document to confirm his/her identity and to take away the Card used in violation of its purpose and these Terms.
2.3.2. Dealing with Cards or any form of Cards distribution without the Card Provider’s consent is prohibited.
2.3.3. It is prohibited to use the Card outside the period for which it was issued.

3. Final provisions

3.1. The Card Provider reserves the right to make any changes to the existing Terms.
3.2. The User may suspend the Card indefinitely, but only for serious health reasons. The request to suspend the User’s Card must be reported to the Card Provider by the relevant employee of the Employer’s HR department no later than the last day of the calendar month. The Card is suspended as of the 1st day of the following calendar month.
3.3. The User may cancel the Card at any time by requesting it through the Employer’s Human Resources Department no later than the following month’s order deadline. Once out of the MultiSport Program, the User may return to the MultiSport Program and re-order the Card no earlier than 6 months from the date of cancellation.
3.4. Please get in touch with your Human Resources department for any information related to ordering services or availability of services. For more information, please call our helpline at +420 220 188 700.