Virtual card makes your life easier

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Every attentive MultiSportian has heard about the virtual card. But what exactly is it and what advantages doest it bring you? Let’s see.

Recently we have launched the new My MultiSport app. Its main perk is the virtual card. Now it has the form of a QR code that you can just present at the partner facility and it substitutes the plastic card entirely. We dare to assume that you most likely have your phone on you more often than your wallet so it lowers the risk of you not being able to do activities because of forgetfulness. Plus it is one plastic card fewer to carry around in your pocket.

The QR code changes over time – that is for security reasons. Sometimes you might not be able to get network service at the facility. But even in such a situation we are not leaving you high and dry. The code still changes for some time on the offline mode and if something doesn’t work, you can use the offline code. Just find it under the QR code and give it to the staff at the facility.

And how do you set up the virtual card? All you need to do is download the My MultiSport app and follow the easy instructions. The entire process is highly intuitive and very easy to do. Of course you can still reach out to us if you are not sure about anything or something doesn’t work properly.

On top of that you can use your app as an interactive map of our partner facilities. Just pick the card type that you have and see where you can do sports, enjoy relaxation or where to take your next trip.

  • You can either have your virtual card or the plastic one. It is not possible to use both.
  • If you decide to go from the virtual card back to its plastic form, just contact our infoline.
  • If you encounter any troubles or you want to know more information, see our FAQ .