Summer Time Travel with MultiSport

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Have you ever wondered about all the things that MultiSport card lets you do? Almost everyone knows that you can visit fitness, saunas and many more sporting and relaxation facilities. But did you know that now you can explore castles and chateaus or gain access to interesting discounts? Find out what MultiSport has in store for you.

MultiSport card has always been quite magical but this summer you can use it to travel through time. Just like last year you will be able to discover a number of Czech and Moravian castles. During such a trip you can spend some quality time being active with your family in the fresh air. Choose which one you want to see first in our map of activities.

But that is hardly the full picture. MultiSport brings you a lot of cool discounts exclusively for our card holders.

What more does MultiSport card give you?

Many people like to keep track of their calorie intake on their way to a healthy body. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight or just want to have a better idea of what you have been eating, you could use the 30% discount on the Calorie Counter on the My MultiSport platform.

NUTREND surely needs no introduction, we have cooperated together many times before. That is why we are happy to keep the train going with a 20% discount on products and a 25% discount on an accommodation packages at the NUTREND WORLD. High quality protein powders will come in handy not only to body builders. And if you are more interested in vitamins, minerals or other supplements, just take your pick from NUTREND selection with a 20% discount. Find out more on My MultiSport.

What kind of summer would it be without a trip through nature. However, it is not always easy to find the right hotel with vacancy and enough privacy. But what if you can bring your own accommodation with you? Thanks to another My MultiSport perk you can rent a recreational vehicle from Campiri with a nice discount and enjoy summer on your own terms.

Experience something new this summer. Rent a raft from Samba with a 20% discount and watch the world go by from your comfortable seat while gliding on the river.

But the ride is not over just yet. If you love adrenaline and beautiful vieaws of nature, you just have to try the bobsleigh rides with your card. Enjoy!

If exercising is more than a hobby to you and you would like to achieve real results it is always better to do it with a personal trainer. With Fitify app you can keep one in your pocket. Using AI and modern technologies Fitify will create a training plan based on your needs, experience and other specific data made to measure. So gaining muscles, reducit fat or toning your body will be so much easier with this perk at My MultiSport. Get your discount on Fitify yearly plan!

Maybe you haven’t used some of the exclusive perks we have had on My MultiSport for some time now, so why not remind you what they are! How about a 5% discount on Aktin.cz e-shop for nutritional supplements and other fitness-related products. Take care of your mental health with VOS Health app. MultiSport card gives you the premium membership. And since fortune favors the prepared, it might be a good time to insure your house, your vehicle or even your health with Pillow.

Videos, articles and perks at My MultiSport

Aside from perks, My MultiSport offers frequent new articles that we prepare along with professionals in the field of healthy lifestyle. Kuba from MultiSport has just released a new series of videos called First lesson. It tries to explain beginners in a fun yet informative way, what it is like to start your way to a healthier body. It you belong in this group, don’t hesitate and check out the videos on My MultiSport.

Let’s recap. We started with beautiful historical sights and ended up at futuristic AI-generated training plans. Still don’t believe that MultiSport card allows time travel? We hope you enjoy this summer with us to the fullest!