Sauna and its effects on health

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Regular visits to the sauna help both relax and improve our health. It increases resistance to colds, cough and other viral infections.

If these diseases complicate your life, then there is nothing easier than taking the time to go and relax in the sauna. When the body is exposed to high temperatures, it quickly produces white blood cells, which fight viruses and infection when you catch a cold. Keep in mind that the immune system needs to be also strengthened during the summer. There is a lot of traps awaiting our body even in another season. Air conditioning can be such a threat in summer. You can also support your health by proper diet, exercising and sufficient sleep.

The effects of the sauna are mainly on heating the body. The body circulates necessary substances to every part of the body. It also aids the acceleration of blood circulation that takes place thanks to alternating heat in the sauna and cold in the pool or shower. Thanks to the sauna, the body can also easier get rid of dangerous toxins through sweating. This sweating has up to 5 times greater effect than normal sweating.

Your airways deserve extra care because they suffer a lot during the cold weather and are prone to infections. The steam sauna, with for example eucalyptus or other essences, has beneficial effects on your airways. A tropical sauna is another good alternative. The humid climate helps to cleanse and stimulates the formation of defensive substances on the mucous membrane.

TIP: This sauna is ideal for getting more beautiful skin. The skin breathes better due to the widening of the pores. Thus, it gets rid of the impurities, which is very desirable in winter, when the skin looks greyish.

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