Swimming pool and water park

Refresh at the swimming pool or the water park!

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Outdoor swimming pools and water parks are inherently connected to summer. They are popular with adults and the smallest kids too.

Swimming or hanging out by the water is almost for anyone. Swimming is definitely the right choice if you are looking for an activity for just yourself or the entire family. Your children will appreciate it as well because it increases strength, endurance, and flexibility. The most significant advantage of swimming is that it is a lifelong activity – children, adults, and seniors can do it. Besides, it can help you improve your mental well-being, which is especially appreciated by people working hard.

It is crucial to teach your kids to swim, so that they are not afraid of the water, and nothing terrible happens to them when attempting it. If you don‘t want to swim and just want to have fun with your kids, the water park is the right place for you. There are many attractions and fun activities you and your kids would fall in love with. Whether you ride on giant water slides, chutes or just let yourself be carried away on the wild river, fun is definitely guaranteed. And once you get enough of the water, you can grab some rest in the relaxation pool or the hot tub.

Basic swimming skills of CHILDREN

Swimming skills of children

It is essential that your child develops a positive relationship with water, so we are bringing you two tips on how to facilitate it!


It is important for the child not to be afraid to sink the head under the water and to learn to breathe in the water. It is enough if the child practices by the edge of the pool, sinks the head and exhales with the mouth and the nose into the water.


The time spent in the water must be fun and not a drill for the child. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a treasure hunt for objects sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Encourage your child not to be afraid of water and stay close by the entire time!