MultiSport Benefit s.r.o. is changing its management. Priority will be given to product innovation and strategic changes in communication.

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MultiSport Benefit has changed its CEO in the Czech Republic after more than ten years. The new CEO is Miroslav Rech, an experienced salesman with many years of experience in telecommunications, banking products and especially benefits. His long-term goal will be to keep the company at the top of the sports and relaxation benefits market.

MultiSport expects a fresh perspective from a new CEO. From the nicknamed gym card, it is gradually building an increasingly accessible sports option even for people starting, for example. “We would like to be closer to people. It does not matter if you are a professional athlete or want to do sports in your spare time. The MultiSport offer is very diverse, so there is something for everyone. This summer, for example, we have included selected Czech castles and chateaus in our offer,” says Miroslav Rech.

MultiSport wants to promote the idea that sport is not just about big muscles, sculpted figures and fitness centres are not a place of prejudice. You can do sports freely, just for fun or focus on preventing your health. There is also a massive challenge in the area of manual workers, who are already struggling with the daily workload and the motivation to do sports is decreasing.

MultiSport wants to continue striving for the position of a leader in the Czech market in the field of sport and relaxation emphasising employees’ work-life balance. They may be increasingly cautious due to the covid era and are only slowly returning to their original sports habits. “Movement and relaxation should be an integral part of everyone’s life, and we aim to re-motivate these people and support them in their goals. In fact, our past surveys in cooperation with NMS Market Research show that only a tenth of Czechs is not prevented from living a healthy lifestyle. However, we would like to see awareness of healthy living habits resonate throughout society. We would be thrilled to persuade them to join forces with the 45% of Czechs who do sports regularly,” says Miroslav Rech.

Miroslav Rech is aware of the complexity of the challenges ahead of him. The company wants to focus on the expansion and stability of its partner network and on using automation and technology to improve service and efficiency. In this way, users will now be able to start using purely virtual MultiSport cards or do sports at a favourable price while studying at secondary or higher education institutions. The company’s core business will also be driven by the improvement and development of the Fair Play area, which straightens cooperation with partners and analyses user behaviour. So, all these little tweaks should bring other opportunities not only in shaping products but also in the form of jobs for potential employees. We want to move, grow and evolve, but this inherently includes stability, supporting environment, satisfied and qualified employees, and product quality,” concludes Rech.