LES MILLS®. A phenomenon. Have you tried it?

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Probably, you belong to one of these categories. Either the name of Les Mills® absolutely does not ring a bell, or you know it, and you absolutely became addicted to these group lessons. No wonder. Everyone can choose from the ten group lessons that are hiding behind this.

The same choreography is exercised on the same music in the same class for the period of three months all around the world. You will find lessons with elements of ballet, modern dance, martial arts, cardio training, or a hard strength workout.

Where does Les Mills® come from?

This program comes from New Zealand and bears the name of its founder. Leslie (“Les”) Roy Mills is a former athlete who has represented his country at the Olympic Games for tady more than twenty years. They started this trend together with other family members, and the Les Mills® classes are distributed globally worldwide in more than 75 countries and 13,000 clubs, which are visited by more than 6 million sports enthusiasts per week.

Are you hesitating which class to choose?

Then read the following description of 9 lessons you can visit in the Czech Republic.

BODYCOMBAT® is a power cardio training inspired by martial arts, a highly dynamic program. BODYPUMP® is a power training that uses optional load in the form of discs when doing the basic routine. BODYBALANCE® combines elements of yoga, Pilates and tai-chi. SH´BAM® combines modern forms of dance. BODYATTACK® combines intense training and athletic elements such as running, jumping and classical exercises. GRIT® There are three variants – ply, strength and cardio. You use the maximum weight of your own body and maximize burning calories in the cardio version. You improve your endurance and power by using bench and weights in the strength version. Plyo version combines exercises training explosiveness and dexterity thanks to the bench. RPM® is a form of classic spinning that involves not only legs but arms and torso too. TONE® combines cardio, strength training and exercising the centre of the body. CXWORK® focuses on strengthening and defining of the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

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