Introducing MultiClub. Are you in?

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You know the MultiSport card like the back of your hand? Can it not surprise you anymore? You are mistaken…

MultiClub brings exclusive benefits to the MultiSport card! It offers special events and discounts on services and products not only in the field of sports but also beauty, relaxation and health. There‘s something for everybody; you can save either on spa or massage or entrance fees during a trip with your family. In addition, you don‘t have to wait for any other card, just sign up and you can enjoy all the benefits with your current MultiSport card!

How to do it?

1. Register using your MultiSport card at www.multiclub.cz.
2. Choose a discount.
3. Present the MultiSport card to the selected facility together with a proof of identity.
4. Enjoy the benefits of the MultiClub!

Do you want to get acces to the great MultiClub offers? Regiter now. 

Unfotunately MultiClub is still only in Czech language. Thanks for google translator 🙂