GET INSPIRED and be active even in winter!

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Tune in to winter fun. You can try many exciting activities with your MultiSport card and thus spend time together with your friends and family. There is always something to do with your MultiSport card regardless if the sun is shining or it snows outside.

Choose from our winter offer and head for example, with your kids for ice skating or get some active fun and movement with your friends playing badminton. Your body and mind need regeneration
after a long day. Try to warm up and relax in the sauna or go for a swim. Movement and relaxation will improve not only your immunity in the cold season but also your work-life balance. So, do not hesitate and enjoy the winter to the fullest.


Harmony of body and mind: Do you want to relax your body? The sauna will support both your body and mind. It relieves your tension. It also boosts your immunity, has a positive effect on your airways and makes your skin healthier. Regular sauna sessions will improve your blood circulation. Try different types of saunas, and find out which one suits you best.


You will take to swim like a duck to water: Swimming is a completely natural movement that has accompanied man-kind since ancient Egypt or Greece, where this sport was one of the fundamental school subjects. Today, it is a pleasant way to get the body in shape and strengthen the muscles in a versatile and even manner.

Ice skating

Spin it on ice: Winter is definitely the ice skating season. Experience great winter atmosphere with your loved ones. Whether you decide to head out for a date on ice or skate with friends or family, you will surely not regret it. So, take your skates, gloves and let’s go!


You will sweat a lot: Do you want to do some serious running, practice observation and get in great shape? Then you came to the right place. Badminton is the fastest racket sport. You can make several kilometres and more than 400 hits during one match. Are you ready for this workout?

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