Fall comes on the scene.
Why not trying something new?

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Fall can be colourful, but it can also set you in a bad mood. Leave gloom behind and try something new to recharge your batteries. We recommend martial arts, SM system or children exercises for your kids.

Martial arts

Martial arts in fall

Are you thinking about trying something new, but don’t know yet what to choose? Try Martial arts. There is a wide offer, such as box, MMA, Tae Bo or Thaibox and more, so you have a lot to choose from. There are several reasons to try this kind of movement – it will increase your flexibility, confidence, strength and also improve the coordination of your whole body.

SM System

SM System in fall

If your back aches from work or you prefer to exercise it preventively, then the SM System is the obvious choice for you. The session consists of a set of exercises that help you activate the back muscles and stretch the spine upwards so that the discs have enough space for treatment or regeneration.

Children’s exercises

Children’s exercises in fall

The movement is important for children, whether they are small or already go to school. It is easier to introduce the sport to kids in a playful form. Therefore, the children’s playrooms are an ideal solution. Various group exercises are suitable for older kids. Let your children choose what’s going to be fun! You can also come together with your MultiSport cards.

Get inspired and try something new in fall with MultiSport!