If you also have the feeling it came this year earlier than ever, welcome to the club

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We did not have to wait long for autumn this year, and it skipped all of September’s attempts at Indian summer. It released a series of dark, rainy days when the temperature barely climbs above ten degrees, making it more challenging to motivate yourself to move. After all, many of us are still heading out for our morning runs in the dark. Instead of sophisticated devices for counting steps, measuring heart rate and recording your running route using GPS coordinates, it is better to pack a headlamp, a warm jacket and a thermos of tea. In short, it looks like the outdoor sports season is inevitably coming to an end.

But the weather will not get us. We at MultiSport know that the MultiSport card is a partner for all weather conditions and can fully replace almost all outdoor activities until the sun starts heating our running trails, swimming pools and outdoor gyms again.

We would love to help you find inspiration for every type of activity you can think of. Do you miss running? Look for a cardio zone nearby! Do you love swimming? Just choose one of the pools and water parks. But the wide range of options does not end there. For example, thanks to the “Summer at the Top” event, we found out that our MultiSportians love to go on trips. That is why we offer selected castles and chateaus with the MultiSport card all year round! If you do not know what to do, just take a look at our map of sports venues. You will definitely find your favourite activity there, and maybe you will also gather the courage to finally try something you have wanted to do for a long time.

But if there is a day during autumn and winter when you do not feel like going out at all, we still have good news for you. There are plenty of online videos for your home workout on the My MultiSport platform, and kids and adults alike can enjoy a full workout in the comfort of their living rooms. In addition, you can get lots of tempting rewards such as a discount on purchases at Aktin.cz, discounted analysis from DNA ERA or health, vehicle or home insurance from Pillow and much more.

Autumn and the subsequent winter often bring a certain amount of pessimism and a feeling that everything nice is ending. But just remember that these seasons also bring engaging activities like ice skating! MultiSport will be your trusty partner during these months, and if you check our website, blog or social media profiles from time to time, you will get plenty of tips on how to feel better in autumn.