Terms of using the multisport card

  • The card can be obtained solely from your employer via MultiSport Benefit s.r.o..
  • The card is issued to a particular name and it is non-transferrable. The card must not be accessible to third parties to use.
  • The card can be used every day to obtain one free entry to sports or leisure centre within the network of MultiSport programme. Following facilities are excluded from free entry policy: Apollo Day Spa (Corinthia Hotel Praha), Aquacentrum Bohumín, Aquapark Laguna, Elite Gym and Fitness, Health Park Wellness Centrum Opava, Hotel Olšanka, Infinit Sen Senohraby, Infinit Step, Infinit Maximus, Infinit Holešovice, Lázeňské a relaxační centrum Rašínova, Relax 365, Relax Days Ostrava (Hotel Clarion), Saunia Avion Ostrava, Saunia – Galerie Butovice, Sauna – Spot Dvorce, Saunia – Campus Square Brno, Saunia – Central Kladno, Saunia – Centrum Černý Most, Saunia – Centrum Chodov, Saunia – Forum Liberec, Saunia – Galerie Harfa, Saunia – OC Futurum Ostrava, Saunia – OC Letmo Brno, Saunia – Park Hostivař, Saunia – Centrum Krakov, SB centrum, Vinařství U Kapličky, Wellness centrum 4Comfort, SAREZA Vodní svět, SAREZA Krytý bazén Ostrava – Poruba, Orea Resort Santon, Saunový svět Tropicana, Wellness Hotel Orion Brno, Avalon Wellness, Sauny Vltava, Sauny Zličín, SMO – Relax centrum Orlová, Saunia – Orlice Park, Wellness Červený Mlýn Tišnov, Aquapark Kohoutovice, Koupaliště Zábrdovice, Koupaliště Riviéra, Aquacentrum Šumperk, Sauna Central, Městský plavecký stadion Lužánky. There are additional charges applicable.
  • The cardholder is obliged to prove his identity with the MultiSport card and photo ID card before every visit in order to obtain service in our Partners’ facilities at the reception desk and sign the entry form with a signature. The card is valid only after proving the identity with photo ID (national ID card, driving license, company ID card etc.)
  • In case of racket sports court rental by 2 to 4 people, where 2 of them using the card, the court is free of charge. If the court is used by only one cardholder and others don’t have cards, the rest of them pay the difference of the court price – half is paid directly to partner facility. In case of beach volleyball court rental, the card pays for one-quarter of the court price. If there is less than 4 people in group renting volleyball court, the rest of them pay the other three-quarters of court price. In case of bowling lane rental, the card pays for one-quarter of the lane price/hour. If there is less than 4 people in group renting volleyball court, the rest of them pay the other three-quarters of court price.
  • Control of the cards can be provided by: MultiSport Benefit s.r.o. employee (Controller) or partner’s appointed employee. The control consists of checking cards by looking into personal ID and the right to remove the card if any misuse of the card took place.
  • The card must be signed by the cardholder otherwise, it is not valid.
  • The cardholder must be legibly signed (same as in the back of the card) on entry forms located at the reception desk in the facility.
  • The cardholder must comply with the regulations of the facility.
  • The service can be used during working hours of the visited facility (if there are not any other restrictions).
  • It is in the best interest of customers to book any lesson intended to visit prior to arrival (e.g. for group lessons).
  • The card can be used for single entry to a sports facility. It is not allowed to use the card for courses organised by sports facilities. It is also not allowed to use the card for any other not listed activities, or pay the difference in cash. It is allowed to use the card to access activities listed in web page  in the detail of the facility.
  • It is forbidden to make any changes in the design of the card except your signature in reserved place.
  • All information about the service are available on infoline number +420 220 188 700.
  • Trading cards or any other form of distribution of cards without consent of MultiSport Benefit s.r.o. is prohibited. Breach of these conditions is penalised according to civil proceedings.
  • Sign up unauthorised people to MultiSport programme is penalised in accordance with conditions of the Agreement.
  • It is forbidden to use cards to gain profit.
  • It is forbidden to use the card after its validity period.
  • What do I do if I lost my card? Don’t panic! Just let your HR department know about the lost card. Then we can send you a new card free of charge. You will need to pay normally for entry to facilities until the new card comes.
  • The cardholder is obliged to use the only services of partners listed in web page www.multisport.cz/en.
  • The card is the property of MultiSport Benefit s.r.o., which has the right to ask back any card in case the cardholder violates the terms and conditions and might refuse to issue the card to such person in future. Information about violation of the terms and condition will be sent to the employer.
  • If cardholder withdraws the MultiSport programme he is obliged to return the card to MultiSport Benefit s.r.o..
  • During ordering the card the cardholder states he becomes acquainted with terms and conditions and sincerely accepts it.
  • MultiSport Benefit s.r.o. reserves the right to change terms and conditions any time.
  • The cardholder may suspend the validity of the Card for an indefinite period, but only for serious health reasons. The request for suspension of the Card must be notified to MultiSport Benefit through the Employer’s HR department to the employer no later than the last day of the month.  The Card is then suspended until the first day of the following month.
  • The cardholder is able to cancel the card also via the order form until the deadline for orders for following month. When the card is cancelled, cardholder must not rejoin the MultiSport programme in next 6 months.
  • The cardholder is allowed to order one Accompanying card for a so-called close person older than 15 years and up to three Child cards for children up to 15 years of age. The cardholder loses the claim to have the Accompanying card or Child cards by cancelling his card. Same as in case if no Employee card was issued, there cannot be any Accompanying and Child cards. Child cardholder (child up to 15 years of age) proves their identity by their health insurance card and sign themselves or is signed by their chaperone.

For all information about processing the order or if you would like to find out more about availability of services, please contact your HR department. For more general information please call infoline on +420 220 188 700.